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To Tweet, or Not to Tweet?

Many of my clients (much like me at first) see Twitter as a silly way to tell people that you are headed for a cup of coffee or going on a date with so-and-so.

But the internet is full of case studies and resources that explain how Twitter can be successfully used to create a mode of communication for your business in a way that your blog or Facebook can’t offer.

Based on good advice from other Twitter  users, I started by creating an account and then researched others in my field who had many Twitter followers. I listened to what they were saying and how they were saying it.

When I decided that maybe Twitter was a good idea after all, it was a matter of learning how to tweet. This article by Michael Stelzner has a lot of information on how to use Twitter to help your business grow. Stelzner’s article has some great case studies on how power users are creating a dialogue using tweets.

One Twitter user, Cindy King, an international sales specialist, describes, “Following the right people on Twitter was key. There are some people very gifted at building relationships on Twitter. As I followed these online community builders, I realized that some of them are also excellent direct response copywriters. They get their Twitter followers to take action.”

Twitter is free, and creating a 140 character tweet that is helpful or thoughtful is how you use the resource to encourage interaction and be a part of the online community. If you are a business owner, you have something to say. You don’t have to sell on Twitter, you just have to be yourself in front of a much larger audience.

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