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Small Town Relationships Can Remove Federal Government Stereotypes

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The evening of Monday, September 30 on the CSPAN channel I watched various United States Senators discuss their views of our country’s state of affairs due to a government shutdown that began at midnight. One comment by Senator Charles Schumer of New York piqued my interest: I’ve heard some of my colleagues on the other [...]

Surfing and Flyfishing: Does Size Matter?

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My satellite TV subscription is minimal. I pay only for the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS), but periodically I receive free previews to subscription channels. One of the freebies this week is the World Fishing Network (WFN) and as I checked the guide for shows to record I found one called “The New [...]

What Is WordPress? A Content Management System (CMS) Summary

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The WordPress content management system (CMS) enables users to create their own professional-looking websites. To help explain what WordPress is, below is an excerpt from my book Websites Revealed: Making Sense Of Online Technology. Chapter 3 of Websites Revealed is titled “The Amazing World Wide Web” and covers websites, what they are and what they [...]

FlipKey Offers Great Features For Vacation Property Owners

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I have helped many clients over the years with setting up a VRBO.com listing for their vacation rental. VRBO is Vacation Rental By Owner and has long been the premier online listing service for those seeking short-term renters for their properties. But the new features of FlipKey, a company linked with Trip Advisor, as well [...]

Google Voice – An Essential Tool For Small Business Owners

As a technology consultant and educator, it is a great feeling to share ideas and resources that small business owners can use to make their lives more productive. An online tool that is still little known to most people is Google Voice, and it is usually the first thing I recommend people sign up for when they are starting their online endeavor.

Game Technology Solves Real World Problems

The next time you hear of someone spending hours and hours on video games, don’t judge them until you find out which video game is being played. They might just be solving the world’s biggest problem.

Windows 8 From Windows 7 – First Impressions and Frustrations

I don’t recommend you attempt the upgrade without setting aside a large block of time to install and learn the new system.

Aveda vs. Arbonne vs. Biolage – Which is the Most Natural Hair Protectant?

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In my bathroom cabinet were three after-conditioner, leave-in hair products by three reputable brands.  Does the one that I think is the most natural have the most natural ingredients? See if you are better than I was at guessing which one was really the most natural! Why the three-product comparison? Although my habitual inclination is to [...]


A Small Business Solution for Logos or Business Cards – 99 Designs

99 Designs works like a design contest, where the client can then choose the winning design and pay the designer the agreed-upon fee for the work. It seems like a great win for the client who instead of paying one designer for one design, they instead have a crew of designers submitting work that they can choose from.

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No-fee Pay Per Click Account Management with Trada

Trada allows business owners to stay within a set budget with no additional fees to a PPC account manager. Small businesses who are interested in fine-tuning their Pay Per Click campaigns should look at Trada as an option.

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